What is Ramadan about in the Qur’an? Is it holy? What is the month’s purpose? What does God exactly want from us and how does He expect us to spend the month? What are we meant to get out of it?

What is the purpose of fasting? Is it simply not eating and drinking during daylight hours?

What do our practices of multiple Qur’an khatms (completions in Arabic), tarawih, imported dates and iftar feasts achieve? Is there more to our practices than we’ve realised and are we doing everything we realistically can, or should?

Join Sh Mohammed Nizami for his intensely thought-provoking #QuranSessions just before Ramadan to deeply explore the purpose of the month and recognise what we might want to get from it, all in a way that’ll optimise our thinking and practice.

Begin the quest for meaning, and inspirationally reshape your mindset to make this your most productive Ramadan.

Open to all. Refreshments provided.

When? Thursday 2 May 2019, 5:50pm – 8:20pm

Where? Hackney, E8 1FA

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