We’re very excited to present the very first module of the key curriculum that every believer must know. We bring together everything we know today, providing a holistic framework and grounding narrative to understand what God wants of us today. This module is a revelation-based overview of the human story in order to contextualise existence, purpose, and the Law from God. We explore what God told us and why, and how it fits in with everything else we know.

  • The module begins on Sunday 20th December 2020 (until the first week of April)
  • Lectures are pre-recorded and posted weekly before the seminar (first lecture Friday 18th December)
  • Live interactive seminars are delivered online every Sunday (beginning around 6 or 7pm, considering prayer times)
  • Other resources provided
  • One login per booking (household sharing permitted)

To enrol, visit the course page here.

We cover:

Section 1: A Time Before Time
1. Time before time: what was there?
Seminar: The time before time
2. Who’s there? The Great Entity
Seminar: Who and what is ‘God’?
3. The creation of the realms
Seminar: Creating the realms

Section 2: Earth and Life
4. Life on Earth
Seminar: Life, hominids and evolution
5. Who is Adam?
Seminar: What makes Adam special?
6. The sanctuary and the expulsion
Seminar: Jannah, the devil and earthly living

Section 3: Humanity and Civilisation
7. The children of Adam
Seminar: Cain and Able, Seth and Enoch
8. Noah
Seminar: Noah and the Great Flood
9. Ancient Mesopotamia and Avram
Seminar: Who is Avram?
10. Abraham and the new lands
Seminar: Emigration, citizenship and settling down
11. The religion of Abraham
Seminar: Millat Ibrahim and Hanifiyyah

Section 4: To the Present Day
12. The covenant with God through Isaac
Seminar: The descendants of Isaac and the Jews
Seminar: Christ and the Christians
13. Ishmael and the Arabs
Seminar: Muhammad and the religion of Abraham
14. The religion of Abraham today
Seminar: What happened to the religion of Abraham?

To enrol, visit the course page here.

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