A unique workshop for unmarried AND married believing women!

For Muslims, marriage is a BIG affair, whether you’re thinking about marriage or already married, there’s A LOT to think about. How do you find the right spouse? What do you look for, what should you be wary of, and how can you intelligently prepare? How can you ensure that you’ll have the relationship you want? For those already married, how do you sustain a healthy relationship if you’re in one, and if it’s problematic, what can you do to improve your situation? What shar’ī strategies are there to develop your marriage and grow?

What does God and His messenger have to say about all of these things, and what is a godly approach to the challenges of marriage, especially living in the modern western world?

Sitting quiet or simply hoping for the best certainly isn’t one!

Although the Qur’an and prophetic advice is meant to provide the type of psychological stability and emotional security that makes us all positive human beings, a widespread contention is how ‘religion’ is often used to validate regressive expectations or actively place women in lousy situations.

So to address these things (and more), we’ve organised an entire day workshop for Muslim women that:

  • provides an exclusive space for believing women to explore marriage, its processes, and enriching religious ideas. We discuss normative shar’ī ideas on marriage, as well as practical strategies and solutions. This is an exciting and thought-provoking event designed to inform you about faith and the sharī’ah, to empower you to make intelligent, informed and holistic decisions, and offer you tools to radically form a godly and constructive perspective.
  • brings together the Qur’an, the sharī’ah, lived experiences, and important contemporary considerations such as cultural/social expectations, compatibility, work etc. to discover a holistic way to evaluate choices and make good decisions.
  • discusses what a realistic ‘happy marriage’ might be and looks at a range of considerations you might make before getting married and whilst being married.
  • explores how women can prepare to ensure their rights and their own interests, and how they might develop a marital environment that promotes their own psychological, social and spiritual wellbeing.

At this workshop, Shaikh Mohammed Nizami characteristically asks the tough questions, addresses the controversial topics, and provides robust answers. Come and learn as he challenges widespread misconceptions, unpicks facts from fiction, and cultural expectations from the sharī’ah.

The pursuit of happiness is a right for all that is established in the Qur’an, the Sunnah, and the scholarly tradition. It facilitates godliness, productivity and human wellbeing which in turn produces confident, positive and effective believers who are fair to themselves, invaluable to others.

This amazing and unique workshop covers a range of topics which makes it widely applicable and speaks to a range of circumstances.

Date: Saturday 26th October 2019

Time: 10am-5.30pm

Venue: QM Innovation Centre (Clark-Kennedy Lecture Theatre), 5 Walden Street, London E1 2EF

Limited spaces available, so book below to avoid disappointment:
Please note:
  1. Spaces are limited so booking will end as soon as places are all taken and we won’t be ticketing at the door. (All proceeds go to event costs and funding our work.)
  2. Paper handouts of the slides will be provided, but we’d advise you to bring note-taking equipment and a good translation of the Qur’an (Professor M. Abdul Haleem’s is recommended).
  3. We won’t be providing refreshments or meals, but we’ve chosen a location with loads of restaurants and coffee shops close by.
  4. We don’t provide a creche service and kindly request that you do not bring children.
  5. We intend to start promptly, so please make sure to be on time.