Advocating faith, reason, revelation and progress

My mission is to educate the public on Abrahamic godliness, known in ancient Arabic as Hanīfiyyah. Through sensemaking, I simplify sophisticated Qur’anic narratives and holistic prophetic guidance to show how they persuasively address contemporary social, political and psychological human needs.

God centered

At the heart of all my intellectual and practical work is an unrelenting focus on God and a commitment to what He wants. Sectarianism and narrow-minded thinking are simply impediments to human productivity and progress.

First Principles

I build narratives from first principles – breaking down a problem into its essential elements, asking powerful questions, getting down to the basic truths, separating facts from assumptions and constructing a godly view from the ground up.

Meaning & Purpose

Godliness has a function and purpose that pragmatically brings about optimum outcomes. Focused on the practical where the how is informed by the why, I apply the purpose of God’s decrees to worshipful actions and context-specific situations.

Western cultural lens

Rational monotheism cultivates an open-minded, sophisticated, universal and agile outlook. God expects Westerners to meld their culture with Abraham’s faith and engender a quiet confidence in the best of their cultural identity.

Reason + Revelation + Insight

I connect grand religious ideas with messy human reality and provide analytical insights that are rooted in revelation to deepen thinking on all sides of the important  questions. 

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Essays & Insights

The Taliban and this time around

Given that I advocate a) that believers ought to concentrate on rectifying their own regional affairs rather than…

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Three current approaches to religion

3 min read Studying the variant approaches people take in their religion, on the ground and in my experience, there…

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Fajr thought

A while back someone asked me, "Don't you think it'd be an idea to change the fajr time closer to 7am all year round…

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Different Generations

There’s an observation I’d like to impart and somewhat tongue in cheek(!), that an anecdotal analysis of various…

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Hijab, male scholars and society

When a male scholar speaks of the hijab, there can often be the retort that men shouldn’t be telling women how to…

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The need for an Abrahamic overview

When we think of public ventures, we think of concentrated efforts in particular realms. The problem, however, is that…

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Maturing Beyond Sectarianism

It seems to be the growing sentiment of many Muslims that a maturation of Islamic thought that helps British Muslims…

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Sajid Javed, countering extremism, and singling out CAGE/MEND.

We live in age where it seems no longer to be the norm that politicians and governments, even of the liberal…

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"Whoever responds to the people merely based on what has been related in books that differ from their customs, habits, their era, their social/political circumstances and the contextual variables at play, misguides others and is himself misguided. He injures the faith greater than a doctor who treats patients failing to consider their different customs, habits, era, circumstances and contextual variables, merely seeking to reflect what is in the general books of medicine. Such a doctor is an imbecile and such a jurist too is an imbecile; both are the most harmful they could possibly be to the people’s faith or their bodies – may God help us!"

– Abu Bakr b. al-Qayyim, Damascene theologian and legal philosopher, d. 1350

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