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Not only is the world increasingly becoming a complicated place, but where we think religion will sort it all out there’s so much religious noise out there that it often only adds to the confusion. As a result, many of us ask:

  • Where do we start and how do we acquire a sound religious understanding?
  • How do we constructively interact with the world around us?
  • What are the godly principles by which we should live – love, work and play – raise our children, and socialise with others?
  • What is the type of attitude and outlook that promotes wellbeing?
  • How do we understand what God wants of me correctly?
  • What does it mean to live honourably and what will get me to paradise?

Essentially, we want to engender the faith of converts, like those who engaged with, and accepted, the message brought to them by the Prophets of God.

Due to popular interest, we’re organising interactive monthly seminars to study the Qur’an in light of topical themes relevant to western Muslims. Each month we consider an important theme and explore how God speaks to it. As the prophetic companion Abdullah b. Umar put it, the Prophet would teach faith (imaan) before he would teach the Qur’an (Ibn Majah), so whilst we intend to eventually get to studying specific chapters (surahs) in depth, it’s important that we get a practical feel and an overarching view on how the Qur’an addresses issues and cultivates believers.

Say: I warn you only through the revelation…

Qur’an 21:54

So remind, with the Qur’an, those who fear my warning.

Qur’an 50:45

These monthly seminars provide attendees with a robust framework for thinking about their place in western society as believers. Through Shaykh Mohammed Nizami’s characteristic philosophic approach, straight talking and probing questions for personal introspection, attendees are taken on a journey that strikes at the core of widespread popular religious assumptions and builds Qur’an-based intelligence and intuitions – to inform our our living and prepare us for the questions we’ll be asked about in the afterlife.

Although these sessions can be attended as standalones, there’s a systematic buildup to the seminars which relies on the principles we’ve developed in previous sessions. As a curriculum, they provide an introduction to Quranic cultivation and ways of understanding faith and the world around us.

Please note that spaces are limited and places tend to be booked quickly. Seminars will generally be held on a Saturday afternoon for approximately three hours. (Dates and times to be published soon).

The sessions:

  1. Faith, religion, and meaning (sold out)
  2. Superstition, the unseen, and reality
  3. Wellbeing (psychological, social, emotional, spiritual)
  4. Culture, social norms, community and society
  5. Sexuality, gender, and relationships
  6. Parenting, nurturing, and cultivation
  7. Politics, ummah, and allegiances
  8. What is the Shari’ah and the way forward?

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